Interfaith Worker Justice
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Congregational Resources

Bulletin Inserts

Faith-Specific Resources

Specific resources on worker justice for Buddhist, various Christian, Islamic, Jewish, and other traditions. (Many include worship resources.)

Study Guides

Congregational study guides on recent publications relevant to worker justice issues.

Holiday Resources and Worship Materials

Currently includes resources for Labor Day, Workers Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Day, and Thanksgiving

How to Plan a Prayer Vigil

This resource is designed to assist in planning a prayer vigil to support worker justice. Includes key planning questions, program suggestions and a checklist.

What Faith Groups Say About the Right to Organize

A compilation of mainstream American faith positions on the dignity of labor and the right to organize.

For You Were Once a Stranger: Immigration in the U.S. Through the Lens of Faith

This comprehensive resource provides historical background, the faith perspective on immigration, and suggestions for taking action in your community. Published Spring 2007. 

Establishing an Ethic for Worker Justice An Assessment Tool for Congregations

This tool is meant to help congregations become more attentive to decisions regarding: the hiring and treatment of employees; investments and banking; and contracting and purchasing.

Building Projects and Religious Values: Ethical Questions for Congregations to Ask Building Contractors

Make sure that your congregation's building purchases reflect your congregation's values. Use this brochure as a guide for seeking ethical firms and contractors.

Employment Ministry: How Clergy Can Help Workers

Despite the challenging economic times, congregations are seeking new ways to support their members and build stronger ties in the community. Due to new partnerships between the religious and labor communities, there is great opportunity for people of faith and labor unions to work together to strengthen each other and provide hope for their members.