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Contact Your Legislators

It's crucially important to tell your congresspeople and senators in Washington, DC, what you think about policy issues like workers' rights. 

IWJ can email you to provide guidance on when to write about a particular bill or issue and what to say.  Sign up for our email list!

How to contact your legislators

Senate phone and email contact information

House email contact information

Unsure?  Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and they will direct you.

Call them!

Congressional offices take tallies of calls in favor of or in opposition to a particular bill.  These are very important to a congressperson's or senator's final position on a bill.  It only takes a few seconds to call up the office and tell the staffperson who answers that you support or oppose a particular bill.  Please program your cellphone with your legislators' phone numbers and call them frequently.  Encourage your friends and families to do the same! 

Email them!

All congressional offices respond to letters (including emails) from constituents, so it's very important to write and express support for or opposition to a bill, or discuss an issue with them.  (Make sure to include your home address so you can receive a response.)  The letter may be very short, and you do not have to be an expert!  Your opinion is important as a voter.  Please write your congresspeople and senators to tell them that you support workers and their rights.

What to Say?

Please see our Public Policy page for information and resources about issues important to low-wage workers.  Some current issues that are priorities for contacting your legislators are: