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Resurrection Health Care

Justice for Workers at Resurrection Health Care

We have come together to support the core values that all our faiths embrace the right of workers to dignity and a voice at work. As the largest Catholic health care chain in Illinois, Resurrection Health Care needs to affirm the fundamental right of its workers to organize a union. Father Larry Dowling, St. Denis Parish, Chicago, IL.

Resurrection Health Care is the largest Catholic health care system and second-largest non-profit system in Illinois. Five years ago, a group of Resurrection workers approached AFSCME (American Federation of State, City, and Municipal Employees) Council 31. Frustrated with the working conditions within the hospital, they decided that the best way to change these conditions was to organize a union. For five years, the management of Resurrection has fought this union organizing campaign and created an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. The workers are asking Resurrection to agree to a fair process through which workers can decide for themselves whether or not they want a union.

The following are some of the issues that concern Resurrection workers:

  • Annual wages for patient support staff (housekeeping, laundry, nursing assistants) range from $17,000-$24,000 a year.
  • Resurrection employees must pay an average of more than $230 per month for health insurances, which is more than 1/6 the monthly take home pay. Many parents have to enroll their children in All Kids, state subsidized health insurance for Illinois children.
  • Resurrection engages in aggressive debt collection and does not offer charity care.
  • Staffing levels are inadequate and dangerous. CNA's are responsible for upwards of 17-20 patients at a time.
  • Resurrection has engaged in unacceptable union-busting tactics, including 15 unfair labor practices. 10 workers report that they have been fired for supporting the union.

Ways you can support Resurrection workers:

  • Offer up prayers for Resurrection workers, their families, community members and clergy who support them, and the management of the hospitals.
  • Stay informed by going to Reform Resurrection Site.