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Building Justice

"No longer will God's people build houses and others live in them, or plant and others eat."
--Isaiah 65:22

"This is heavy work and they make us work long shifts every day. Normally we work 50 hours a week; but we have to do it because the salary is so low, and even working this amount of hours you just barely get what is necessary to support your family." -Rogelio, drywall industry

Every morning, thousands of residential construction workers across the Phoenix and Las Vegas areas wake up for another day of hard, dangerous work. They work long hours in difficult conditions in order to make ends meet for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, for too many, their labor is not rewarded adequately. Thousands of home construction workers work on sites where employers do not follow health and safety regulations, fail to pay workers all the wages they are owed, do not offer affordable health insurance, and violate workers' rights in a variety of other ways.

Workers at a number of subcontractors that do work for Pulte Homes in Phoenix and Las Vegas have experienced systematic disregard for workers' rights and basic human dignity. In December and January, Interfaith Worker Justice convened fact-finding delegations of religious leaders in both cities in order to find out more about the situation. Workers reported a number of serious problems, including unsafe and illegal working conditions, long hours, wages denied for overtime worked, and lack of health insurance. Some of the workers are attempting to organize unions in order to improve conditions but have reported obstruction, harassment and intimidation by their employers.


In order to support these workers, Interfaith Worker Justice has produced a report based on the fact-finding delegations. IWJ is also circulating a statement by religious leaders in support of the workers who build houses for Pulte.

Please join us in supporting the workers who build houses for Pulte Homes:

•     Pray for the workers, their families, and company executives.

•     If you are a religious leader, sign the religious leaders statement of support.

•     Write to Pulte CEO Richard Dugas and urge him to ensure that Pulte's subcontractors respect workers' rights. Click here for a sample letter. Mr. Dugas can be reached at the following address:


Richard Dugas
Chief Executive Officer
Pulte Homes
100 Bloomfield Homes Parkway
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304