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Student Programs and Resources

IWJ Campus Allies

In an effort to remain connected around issues of faith and economic justice IWJ is pleased to announce the IWJ Campus Alliance program - a new and exciting way for those on campuses to connect with both IWJ and to each other in mutual collaboration, support, and education around issues of economic justice and concerns that affect low-wage workers.

We encourage students, faculty members, staff, campus ministers, and student organizations and campus ministries to review the Campus Alliance Agreement and consider becoming a campus ally of IWJ.

As an Interfaith Worker Justice campus ally, you affirm a commitment to worker justice and join a national network of interfaith coalitions, workers' centers, people of faith, and individuals creating social and economic change.

IWJ Summer Internship Program

Spend the summer exploring the connection of faith and social justice while participating in the worker justice movement through the IWJ Summer Internship Program. Opportunities are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Summer Organizing Institute

This summer, join students from across the Country for an intensive week-long training that provides opportunity for networking and skill building. Participants will learn how to think strategically and engage in activities and workshops that will enhance organizing efforts. Participants will also have the opportunity to take part in a national Theological Symposium that will feature leading theologians and religious scholars on issues of worker and social justice. Students will also participate in IWJ's
15th Anniversary conference, which will include the largest gathering of faith-based worker justice advocates and organizers.

Download the flyer for more details.

Worker Justice Immersions

Sometimes the most effective way to learn about an issue or a culture is to thoroughly immerse oneself in it. This Worker Justice Immersion Toolkit will assist you in developing a program to immerse participants in the intersections of faith and worker justice. This toolkit can be used by anyone: students, congregations, universities, campus ministries, seminaries,  religious leaders, or non-profit organizations. Whether you have a few hours or a full week, this toolkit has an abundance of materials to guide you through the process of developing a worker justice immersion experience. 

IWJ can assist you with developing a schedule of events, connecting to resources in your area, and finding speakers and community partners to enhance your experience. Please let us know how we can provide support! Contact Sung Yeon Choi-Morrow  for more information.

Updated to include a revised "Multiple Day Agenda" and "Additional Campaign Issues" (01/19/10)

Updated to include "Structuring Opportunities to Listen to Workers" and "Finding, Preparing for, and Debriefing Actions" (12/17/09)

Additional materials that may be helpful during an immersion can be found here.

A Worker Justice Reader: Essential Writings on Religion and Labor

In April the distinguished publishing house Orbis Books published A Worker Justice Reader: Essential Writings on Religion and Labor, an exciting anthology compiled by IWJ. The first volume ever to bring together the key religious texts on worker justice, it will be a vital resource for seminaries, congregational study groups, social justice committees, labor unions, and beyond.

The readings are organized into five parts:

* Crisis for U.S. Workers
* Religion-Labor History
* What Our Religious Traditions Say about Work
* Theology and the Ethics of Work
* The Religion-Labor Movement Today

Order your copy today! For suggestions on incorporating the Worker Justice Reader into your curriculum, contact Keron Blair, IWJ's Student Programs Coordinator, at (773) 728-8400, ext. 21, or e-mail

You can order a copy now by phone from Orbis by calling 800-258-5838 (use code WJR for FREE shipping) or online at, or ask your local bookstore to order now! (ISBN 978-1-57075-875-1, Paperback, 224 pp. Illustrations. Retail price: $24.00.)

Wage Theft Campaign

Interfaith Worker Justice and its affiliated groups around the country are leading the national campaign against Wage Theft. Here's what you can do:

*Complete our wage theft survey (PDFs in English or Spanish) to find out if you've been affected by Wage Theft. Get others involved by having a student group take the survey during a meeting, tabling on campus, or sending the online survey link to others.

*Download the Wage Theft toolkit and talk with student groups, professors, the student body, and IWJ about how you can get involved!