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Religious Perspectives on Work

Religious Employers Resources

Interfaith Worker Justice is committed to promoting just and ethical treatment of workers in religiously-sponsored institutions. The focus thus far has been on large religious employers, particularly in the health care industry.

The following resources have been compiled in order to:

  • Organize and educate people of faith to support workers in their struggles for a just and living wage, health benefits, and participation in decisions which affect their lives.
  • Educate and call Religious Employers to honor and apply their religious and ethical principles of justice to their relationship with and treatment of workers.


Catholic Teachings on the Rights of Workers

Building Projects and Religious Values: Ethical Questions for Congregations to Ask Building Contractors

Make sure that your congregation's building purchases reflect your congregation's values. Use this brochure as a guide for seeking ethical firms and contractors.

Establishing an Ethic for Worker Justice An Assessment Tool for Congregations

This tool is meant to help congregations become more attentive to decisions regarding: the hiring and treatment of employees; investments and banking; and contracting and purchasing.

Guidelines for Unions and Management of Religiously Sponsored Healthcare Institutions

The purpose of this booklet is to help union leadership and healthcare management understand one another, communicate respectfully and build healthy working relationships. (The pages are designed to be folded in half as a booklet, please follow the printed page numbers).

For more information contact: Kim Bobo