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Labor Law Reform

The right to form and join trade unions is a basic human right and long-standing US policy; it is also a right affirmed by most religious denominations as essential for upholding human dignity. However, companies frequently launch massive, well-funded campaigns to fight organization efforts. The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) would ensure that when a majority of employees in a workplace decide to form a union, they could do so without the harassment, intimidation, illegal firings, and other tactics that employers now use to block workers' free choice.

Why Unions Matter

A basic introduction to unions and why they are important.

What Faith Groups Say About the Right to Organize

A compilation of mainstream American faith positions on the dignity of labor and the right to organize.

EFCA: A Faithful Response to Lift Up Workers' Rights
A faith resource on the importance of unions and the Employee Free Choice Act.

Labor in the Pulpits/ on the Bimah/ in the Minbar
The annual program highlights workers' rights and in particular the right to form trade unions.

There is Power in Union: A Unitarian Universalist Guide to Supporting Worker Justice

By Rev. Aaron McEmrys – this is intended to be a simple, introductory guide for Unitarian Universalists who want to support Worker’s Rights.