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Interfaith Theological Symposium on Economic Justice Student Papers

A note on this publication: 

Recently, IWJ invited theological students from different faith traditions to answer the following question: what within your faith tradition inspires a commitment to worker justice? This collection of papers contains submissions from students across the country in response to this question. These papers are published in conjunction with the Interfaith Theological Symposium on Economic Justice, which was held before the 15th Anniversary IWJ Conference in June, 2011.

Download Entire Volume of Published Papers on Worker Justice

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Brueggemann Award in Economic Justice
The award recipient for the Brueggemann Award in Economic Justice is Jacob Lesniewski. The runner up for this prize is Annette Bolds. Congratulations to both on their achievement!

Special Thanks
Walter Brueggemann for his generous donation to the Interfaith Theological Symposium.

Members of the Advisory Committee: Dr. Charles Amjad-Ali, Imam Taha Hassane, Rabbi Laurie Coskey and Rev. Rebekah Jordan Gienapp.

DePaul University's Center for Interreligious Engagement.